Elon Musk confirms that Bankman-Fried owns 0% of Twitter despite reports claiming 100 million dollars


Tesla CEO and Twitter boss Elon Musk  clarified that Sam Bankman-Fried, the former CEO of the collapsed cryptocurrency exchange FTX, does not own any shares in Twitter. This followed an article published by a Bankman-Fried-backed publication  that claimed Musk had taken $100 million from the former head of FTX. 
 Elon Musk on SBF's Alleged Twitter Investment  
 Elon Musk explained that FTX founder and former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) currently owns 0% of Twitter. 

 The confirmation follows an article  Wednesday by Bankman Fried-backed Semaphore that SBF has $100 million  in the social media platform. The article claimed to have obtained a private text message between Musk and Bankman-Fried as proof of the interest. 

The Semaphore debuted on October 18, just a few weeks before the FTX crash began. The crypto exchange filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on November 11, and SBF stepped down as  CEO. 
 Musk tweeted Wednesday: "Semaphore is owned by SBF. This is a huge conflict of interest in your reporting." Responding to the publication's editor who claimed he took money from SBF, Musk tweeted:

The editor of the SBF-backed publication tweeted the text message in question on Thursday. In the text message, Bankman-Fried said he has more than $100 million in Twitter ( TWTR ) stock that he would like to "roll" if possible. Musk responded with the usual response he gives to all Twitter shareholders. "Welcome to roll," he wrote. However, the SMS does not confirm whether the event has occurred.

A Semaphore reporter took the text message as confirmation that Bankman-Fried definitely owns $100 million in Twitter, and did so when Musk bought the social media company in late October and took it private. 
 Musk responded by explaining that all public shareholders of the social media company were allowed to transfer their shares to Twitter as a private company. However, the head of Tesla stated that Bankman-Fried did not take anything back, so he has no interest in Twitter. "Your report mistakenly sounded like him."

The article also claimed that Musk sent a message to Bankman-Fried and "invited her to create a bet of $100 million." However,  the text message reveals that  SBF sent the text message to Musk and the Tesla CEO didn't even know who the text message was from. 
 Many people on Twitter agreed with Musk that the text message did not prove that SBF actually transferred shares to the private company Twitter. One user described

Twitter users also attacked the SBF-backed publication for its conflict of interest. "It's absolutely wild how they attack ANYTHING near SBF but then leave them intact or barely scratched with some criticism that has to be re-read 3-
 times  before it sounds like criticism," commented one. Another user asked: "How much money did Semafor take from SBF and what was in the financial agreement? It seems important."

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