how to buy fuck scammer ($fuck)

Currently the $fuck token is not available on any exchange, such as on binance, mexc, etc.

If you want to buy it, you have to do it via DEX like pancake swap, poocoin etc.So for the steps are:

1.You must have a wallet like metamask, trustwallet, bitkeep etc.and fill in your BNB balance. filling in bnb balances can be through any exchange. such as binance, tokocrypto, houbi etc.

2.After you have a bnb balance in your wallet, the next step is to copy the SC (Smart Contract) of the token, namely $fuck (fuck scammer)

3.In your wallet, go to the browser / dApp menu, look for pancakeswap or poocoin, paste the SC (smart contract) you copied earlier. Swap bnb to $fuck according to what you want.

4.After you have successfully purchased the token, you can add the token via the SC (smart contract) that you copied earlier.  and congratulations you have the token.

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