How to buy TRIOTIS $TRIOT tokens ?

How to buy TRIOTIS $TRIOT tokens ?

 Newly issued tokens are usually not available on any exchange. Especially on Binance or other major exchanges. So we have to buy them from DeFi (Decentralized Finance) like pancakeswap, poocoin, uniswap etc. 
 This time we use and we need to have a crypto wallet before buying tokens. In this tutorial we will use  bitkeep wallet which you can download from Playstore.

why i use bitkeep wallet 
. adding new token is easy adding via SC no need to manually add as token name fill token decimal number 
 . Every token we add has an instant price in the Bitkeep wallet. 

 ok, the steps are: 

 1. Prepare your BNB balance in bitkeep, if not, you can transfer BNB to bitkeep wallet from any exchange. 

 2. You must have a SC (Smart Contract) for the token you are buying. You can get it from the website or telegram  group. Because today we want to buy  TRIOTIS $TRIOT. Finance, I  prepared it. 

 3. After downloading the bitkeep application and filling the BNB balance  in the bitkeep wallet, we open the bitkeep app and click on the "DApp" menu below. 
4. In the next menu, click on the search menu and type "" and click GO. then select the BNB blockchain and enter. 
 5. Then, on the Poocoin page, click  the search menu, copy and paste the SC (smart contract) of $TRIOT and  $TRIOT token, and click 
 6. When the chart of $TRIOT token and tokens appears, we click on the "exchange" menu. Enter the amount of BNB according to how many tokens you want to buy and click "exchange" and congratulations, you have  tokens. You can also set the slipperiness manually or automatically. 

 After we bought a $ TRIOT token, how can we make the purchased token  appear in the wallet? 

 Ok, go back to the original Bitkeep wallet, click the plus button "+"  in the right corner. 
 Enter the SC (Smart Contract) we bought earlier, the token will appear and we will check the  list of tokens on the right. 
 And the token will be displayed on the main page of the bitkeep wallet  with the price of the token.

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