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Before we discuss new tokens, we always remind you to always do your own research so that you are more confident about the tokens you buy. All the advantages and disadvantages that result from buying these tokens are your responsibility. Be wise in buying !!

In history, Daric was an ancient GOLD COIN that was made by hand a few thousand years ago, and now we have made a crypto version of it. Daric is a self-reflective token whose owners are rewarded for keeping it in their wallet without doing anything, thanks to an automatic token burning system in every transaction (Purchase and Sale). Daric's team decided to smoke by hand every month for the first 2
 months after Daric was born. This reduces the number of tokens circulating in the system and over time increases the price of Daric. 
 Why Daric? 
 Short for each token, regardless of total amount, limit, circulating supply, number of owners or market cap, etc. All brands can look the same with fancy and fanciful ads and slogans. But when we take a closer look at their contracts, we find many security flaws; and sometimes these mistakes are deliberately designed to deceive and pull the carpet (honey pot) and sometimes due to ignorance on the part of the team. Even we at Daric team have been through this and met brands that were only out to take investors money and disappear and make investors uncomfortable. This is one of the few reasons why Daric was born to create a reliable and trustworthy contract. Daric was born with trust, love, transparency and security without an owner and belonged to the community. 
 What makes Daric's sign different? 
 With locked liquidity and waiver, leaving the contract ownerless. Daric is 100% community driven and decentralized with a full security smart contract that ensures owners can invest without relying on a third party app or individual. Read the white paper to learn more about our security protocols. 
 Our vision 
 We believe that the key to the success of any project is the community, and of course every community needs trust, transparency and security to grow. Our vision is simply to provide traders and owners with a secure, transparent and reliable growth token. Our vision is to share the results of this project with people in need, and that is why we have designated part of this project as a charity to help those in need.

So the potential of this Token is:

1.not yet entered coingecko and coinmarketcap

2.the price is still cheap with a supply of  1 trillion Token

3. Safe The Liquidity pool is locked for 200 years.

4.Guaranteed monthly manual burning for 24 months after releasing the token

for more details and join the community you can check the link below.

Web : daric

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