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Before we discuss new tokens, we always remind you to always do your own research so that you are more confident about the tokens you buy. All the advantages and disadvantages that result from buying these tokens are your responsibility. Be wise in buying !!

Defining crypto  Obolo. Finance?
   We understand that the variety of crypto platforms can sometimes be overwhelming.
  Obolo.Finance is here to remove the distractions and help you rule the crypto world!

  But what is Obolo.Finance?  Obolo Finance is a website 3.0 that offers many tools to simplify your crypto experience.  Thanks to its utility badge, it aims to reintroduce Challenge mode.
  Some of our platform features:

  1. Charts and analysis

  Find the coin/token you want, check data and analyze charts to make trading complete and efficient.
  Live Prices: Accurate price updates every hour
  Graph: Information about price, market value, quantity.  Also TradingView charts with indicators and tools.
  Analytics: Market Head, Daily Volume, Supply, Price Fluctuation, etc.

  2. Winners and Losers

  Research the market, pay attention to coin/coin prices and find crypto assets Next 100X. 

 3. Polls

  Here, members of each crypto community have the opportunity to back their token/coin by voting every 24 hour.
  Daily Winners: Notifications
   Twitter Winner of the Week: Campaign Social Media, Website Features To ensure the process is valid, we request a wallet connection so that we can accurately measure the number of votes collected.

  Various tools to help you on your way your crypto Includes:

  Our Ecosystem

  Each feature is specifically designed to enhance and simplify your Web 3.0 experience.

So the potential of this Token is:

1.not yet entered coingecko and coinmarketcap

2.the price is still cheap with a supply of  100 Million Token

3. a platform that has many features

4. dev is active in telegram and twitter groups

5.have many partners

for more details and join the community you can check the link below


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