The next shiba inu hype


This token is based on the results of admin research, all decisions to buy this token are your responsibility, and you have to do your own research. The gains and losses are in your hands.

 Have you ever been conned in the crypto space?  Depending on how adventurous you are, most people have it and we  are bored with it.

 The BSC Group was destroyed by means of heartless scammers.

 They cowardly hide behind untraceable addresses by pretending to be someone else offering a service, funding possibility, or product, then taking the victim's crypto.  As project maintainers and gem hunters, we are approached more than once each day via scammers.

 We finally decided to say, no more.  As a reaction to all the cash scams out there, we created a SAFU coin with 100% Locked LP, ownership leave, secure developer, car LP, rewards for holders and an amazing anti-scammer network.  We will disclose phrases about the scams that occur to help keep our network from becoming a victim.

 We will name the scammers and document the scam money owed on all social media platforms.  The intention of our venture is to create a massive tight network that pops out to one another.  We will work to build a high-end crypto marketing and social media web page that requires evaluation and verification to carry out the project.

 That's a little info about this token.

 Why is this token potentially the next shiba?

 1. The name is unique

 2. Many people don't like scammers

 3.first token in this field

 4. the community will be bigger

5. Not yet entered coingecko and coin marketcap

6.low marketcap

 You can see the token here:
Twiter: Fuck Scammer
Web   :  Fuck Scammer

Not finanncial advice

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