there are 10 countries ready to enter the metaverse world

As the concept of the metaverse becomes a part of everyday life, some countries stand out from the rest and show a desire to adopt new technologies.  According to a study shared with Uswitch and Finbold,
  the country led the way in adoption of the meta-version scoring highly on elements such as fixed broadband speed, internet pricing, number of blockchain companies, and the cost of high-tech exports.

  Notably, the Netherlands is the most metaverse-ready country in the world, with an overall metaverse-ready score of 7.7
 /10.  Switzerland is second with 7.61, Lithuania with 7.39 and Malta is fourth with 7.31.  and France fifth with 6.96.
  Elsewhere, the UK is seventh in metaverse readiness with a score of 6.77, while the US is twelfth with a score of 6.32.

  Metaverse Ready Metrics Breakdown

  Based on individual rating metrics, the highest internet speed in the US is 167.37 Mbps.  The survey found that the United States is the most broadband-connected country.

  Meanwhile, Romania has the cheapest internet at $9 per month, while Cyprus has the most blockchain startups.  Researchers attribute the lack of regulation of cryptocurrencies to Cyrus' large number of blockchain businesses.

  "Blockchain technology plays a critical role in the metaverse, enabling users to buy and trade cryptocurrencies and NFTs, which is said to be essential for the proposed 'Metaverse economy' which Meta hopes to grow as part of this ambitious project," said Uswitch.  .  clear
  In addition, Cyprus has 3082 Google searches per million people, so most searches relate to the metaverse.
  Finally, the Republic of Ireland has the highest high-tech exports at $8.
 50 per capita.  Additionally, the country is home to several major tech companies, including the meta-focused Meta (NASDAQ:FB).

  Metaverse Risk

  While scientists have acknowledged that the metaverse is still in its infancy, there are some risks associated with the technology that must be mitigated first.

  For example, Uswitch noted that the metaverse could be used as an enrichment scheme and asked how it could be moderated.

  Although most countries are preparing for the metaverse, major global brands are also letting related brands mature in the industry.

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