3Commas denies staff members stole API keys


Crypto trading firm 3Commas has denied that its employees'  API keys were stolen, claiming  screenshots circulating on social media are fake, and urged affected users to report them to the police  to stop the exchange withdrawal. 

 In a blog  published on December 11, 3Commas founder and CEO Yuri Sorokin said that fake screenshots of Cloudflare logs are circulating on Twitter and YouTube to try to convince people that 3Commas had a vulnerability  and that we were irresponsible. sufficient to allow free access to user data and log files. The purported screenshots purport to show how the client's API keys were displayed on Cloudflare's 3Commas dashboard. 

 Another blog post by Sorokin, dated December 10, urges affected users to file a police report  to freeze their accounts  on the exchange. The faster this is done, the faster exchanges can freeze criminals' accounts  to prevent payouts and increase the likelihood that some or all of the money will be returned to victims. 

 Since most crypto exchanges follow your customer standards, users must provide personal information to trade or withdraw. The company noted that if affected users file a police report, the exchanges may share that information with investigators. 

 As reported by Cointelegraph, a crypto trader named CoinMamba on Twitter closed his account  on the Binance platform after he complained about a lack of funds. The leaked API key is linked to a 3Commas account. Both  companies, Binance and 3Commas, deny  responsibility for the incident. 

 3Comos claims to have identified signs of phishing attacks as the cause of the thefts. According to the company, the phishing attacks started in October when bad actors tried different phishing techniques. Sorokin said:

The company disables Exchange API connections that are more than 90 days old.

Source : https://cointelegraph.com/news/3commas-denies-staff-members-stole-api-keys

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