Alibaba is signaling great crypto work by joining this blockchain network

Alibaba Cloud has recently partnered with popular networks and organizations, but with its latest collaboration with Avalanche, it has finally stepped into the crypto space to further boost its support for the tech giant's Web3. 

 More Access to Cutting Edge Technology 
  Avalanche announced Friday the integration of Alibaba Cloud into its public blockchain  to support validators and provide cutting-edge infrastructure. 

 According to an official announcement, the new partnership will allow users to launch validation nodes through the service, access computing, storage and distribution resources through Alibaba Cloud's product portfolio.

To strengthen the Avalanche ecosystem, new participants who want to launch new Avalanche validators could easily use Alibaba's plug-and-play infrastructure as a service (IaaS). 

 According to Avalanche, app developers can also add  cloud infrastructure to support their apps during peak demand to maintain user activity. 

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 To celebrate the new integration, Alibaba Cloud will also offer Avalanche web developers credit for their services. 

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 Alibaba Do you follow Google? 

 Google Cloud has been all the rage for the past few months and has partnered with almost every major blockchain platform in the crypto space. Be it Ethereum, Solana, Hedera, Google Cloud has been a pioneer in providing cloud infrastructures for crypto companies. 

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 Support Node Hosting Service With a new partnership with Avalanche, Alibaba has announced significant crypto work in the field. 

 According to Gartner, Alibaba Cloud, which was launched in 2009 and serves as the digital technology and intellectual backbone of the Alibaba Group, is the largest infrastructure provider (IaaS)  in the Asia Pacific region. 

 Customers around the world can take advantage of its wide range of cloud  services, which include flexible computing, database and storage services, network virtualization, large-scale computing, information security, management and application services.

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