Binance Labs leads funding round for GoPlus Security

Binance Labs, the accelerator and venture capital division of Binance, announced Thursday that it has led a private equity round in GoPlus Security II, a Web3 security infrastructure provider. The value of the investment was not disclosed. 

 According to the press release, GoPlus Security's solution covers 13 major blockchains and offers multidimensional risk detection. It aims to extend the security of the Web3 environment by focusing on tokens, NFTs, dApps and smart contracts. 

 The resources obtained in the II private round give GoPlus Security the opportunity to increase its information security services and recruit professionals in the field. In addition, the startup wants to open up the information security market. The service is scheduled to be launched later this year. 

 "Security is the foundation of the ever-growing Web3 ecosystem and community. By supporting consumer solutions like Goplus Security, we look forward to seeing how end-user security services can evolve and grow," commented Yi He, Founder of Binance. and Head of Binance Labs. 

 Binance Labs Creates Global Portfolio Project
  Binance Labs was launched in 2018 and has funded more than 100 crypto projects to date. Binance's venture capital arm recently raised $500 million in investment funding from institutional investors such as Whampoa Group, DTS Global Partners and Breyer Capital. 

 Incubator actively uses the collected funds to support more projects, especially in the field of Web3. In September, it increased its strategic investment in Aptos Labs, a technology-based blockchain company focused on user security. In October, Binance Labs launched Ancilla, Inc., an automated discovery maintenance solution in the blockchain space. pre-financing round. 

 The company's latest investment is NGRAVE, which produces secure cryptocurrency wallets. NGRAVE ZERO is the only crypto wallet that has received the highest security certificate EAL7.

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