Deeply Underwhelmed’: Right-Wingers on Musk’s Overhyped ‘Twitter Files

Elon Musk jumped on Friday to drop the  bombshell  about Twitter's controversial decision to limit Hunter Biden's laptop stories  on the platform, but the leak was a resounding failure for many pundits on the right. 

 "I'm still deeply depressed," said right-wing radio host Sebastian Gorka, a former Trump administration official. His comments came after reporter Matt Taibbi posted a lengthy Twitter thread detailing findings touted by Musk, namely that Twitter executives themselves disagreed on whether  Hunter Biden's reporting should be limited, and that Democrats (and Republicans) made calls for moderation at the giant of social media. . 

 We know the  DC Democrats are working with the  Palo Alto [California] Dems. Big Whop,” Gorka added.But the right host didn't just leave it at one post. He continued to double down when pressed by MAGA die-hards who were convinced that Musk's promoted Twitter files were a smoking gun. 

 In response to a Truth Social user who claimed that the Twitter company's emails were "a clear violation of the First Amendment," the radio host replied, "Err no, it's not the DNC asking a private company to censor and it has nothing to do. with the First Amendment. Edit." 
 The round of back and forth ended with Truth Social users accusing Gorka of being in the "deep state". (The radio host did not respond to The Daily Beast's request for comment late Friday. 

 Similarly, New York Post columnist Miranda Devine — one of the first right-wing reporters to write from a laptop — told Fox News host Tucker Carlson. "It was not the "smoking gun we were hoping for." 

 "It seems to me that Elon Musk has been holding back material," he then claimed, claiming that after the Twitter CEO's meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook, Musk was under scrutiny . by sinister forces." In particular, there's a tweet where Matt Taibbi says he hasn't seen any evidence that law enforcement specifically alerted Twitter to our story. But that's just not right." 
 Others echoed a similar sentiment on the political right. 

 "Twitter files [are] still overwhelming. We're just revealing what we already knew: Democrats were on Twitter, doing the Democrats' bidding,” wrote Free Beacon reporter Joe Simonson.

Twitter's far-right rival, Gab, went a step further by attacking Musk. "Elon dropped this story about Hunter Biden, a total moron who revealed nothing new except what we've all known for years," the company wrote on Telegram, "to call attention to the fact that he fired a cultural superstar of the most great generation.

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