Digital euro on EU priorities list before 2024 elections

The presidents of the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission signed a joint agreement defining priorities before the next European Parliament elections in 2024.

. The list includes 164pieces of legislation - some of which are already being negotiated and some of which are still pending. proposal - includes a central bank. digital currency. 

 The European Commission has promised to develop digital euro legislation "soon". The spokesperson confirmed that the commission plans to present the proposal in the second quarter of 2023. 

 The European Union's anti-money laundering package was also on the list of priorities. The regulation against money laundering is being negotiated by decision-makers in the European Parliament. Discussions brought decentralized finance, DAOs and NFTs into the scope. An EU-wide anti-money laundering body is expected to monitor regulations, including crypto companies. 

 Regarding the digital euro, the European Central Bank is currently working on a prototype with several partners, including the controversial Amazon. The planning phase ends in March 2023, after which a decision on the introduction of the euro-denominated CBDC is expected in October. 

 The digital euro is likely to limit individual transactions and store-of-value restrictions, according to the ECB chief.


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