$GLFI glass finance scam tokens

The world of cryptocurrencies is a place to invest or trade in search of profit from buying a token. To seek maximum profit, many people buy micin tokens or newly released tokens so that token prices are still cheap and the market cap is still low.

 to buy a newly released token, usually by participating in a token presale or buying it at DeFi, such as pancakeswap, poocoin, etc. the important thing is that you already have an SC (smart contract) for the token.

 By buying a micin token or a new one, your profit potential is very large, it can be thousands of percent, or 100x-1000x of your capital, if you are lucky, it can even be more than that. But behind the huge profit potential, you must also be prepared to experience big losses if the token  what you buy is a scam or the token project is not growing. high return - high-trisk.

 With so many new crypto beginners getting into cryptocurrencies without understanding this (high risk-high return), over the last year there have been many scammers, fraudsters or scammers have carried out their mission to deceive beginners and of course to earn money in a way that is not true.

 One of the scam tokens is Glass Finance ($GLFI) This token is a published token on binance smart chain which will create its own blockchain.and will have several features such as exchange,wallet,launchpad,marketpalce and NFT.which has a supply of 100 million tokens  .

  This token Glass finance $GLFI was launched on November 18, 2022. From a price of 0.000006203 $ it went up to a price of 0.0003663 $ in just 2 weeks with around 121 holders.

 However, on Sunday 4 December 2022, Glass finance token $GLFI could not be sold on pancakswap or poocoin. Many members were shocked and couldn't believe it. The Glass Finance Twitter account, the Glass Finance website and the telegram group suddenly disappeared. Even though many holders had already disappeared.  trust the $GLFI glass finance project.

 In this image we can see that the tax has changed to 100%, which means we cannot buy or sell $GLFI glass finance tokens on pancakswap or poocoin.

 From this incident, are you still going to buy Micin tokens instead of buying tokens that are already on a large exchange like Binance?  the decision is in your hands be wise in managing your finances. high risk high return

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