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We received a report of Koneoyp encryption. 
 Whistleblower Z.G. fell victim to this and decided to tell how it happened to warn other potential victims to stay away from these scams. 

 Summary :

 WhatsApp contact, the start of a crypto   scam 
 Cloud mining 
 The real crypto scam 

 WhatsApp contact, the start of a crypto scam 

 It all started when ZG was contacted by a girl on WhatsApp at the beginning of this August per year Apparently it was a random message  because it was about a supposed date with someone ZG knew nothing about. 
 Although ZG replied claiming that the girl had the wrong number, he apologized by writing that the number was almost the same as his boss's and then began a heated exchange of messages about their  activities and passions. Contact has occurred and it was not accidental. 

 In fact, after a few days, the girl said that she was also involved in crypto-investing thanks to her aunt, after which she recommended ZG to visit the Koneoyp website, which was then still called Koneoy. 

 Cloud Mining 

 The site offered "cloud mining", which were different packages at different prices to buy the computing power of machines  apparently mining BTC and ETH for a limited time. 

 ZG was already suspicious of the very high winning percentages promised daily, but decided to continue. At this point, the girl says she will contact Koneoyp's contact  directly, namely Lisa. 

 Lisa explains  the reason for such high percentages to ZG, saying that it is a secondary platform of Binance with many big investors. 

 At this point it would actually be clear that they were simply wrong, but ZG decided to go ahead anyway. In fact, they managed to lure him with an offer to use an Ethereum machine that guarantees  every 2
 hours for 7 days for free. 

 The catch is that in those seven days, ZG was able to withdraw 70 USDT without spending anything, so he was hooked. 
 In fact, he decided to buy a few cloud mining packages from Koneoyp, but right away he noticed that the returns were not at all satisfactory. He blamed the falling market, though. 

 The ICOs 

 At that point, the real scam began. In fact, ZG was offered to participate in one of their ICOs, with a minimum entry fee of 1,000 USDT. 

 They claimed that this was a pre-sale of a new coin to be launched on Koneoyp’s domestic market. These presales work by assigning a randomly varying "profit rate" to the presale. The ICO  ZG participated in was DOFT where he invested a little over 1000 USDT. 

 Ten days after the  pre-sale ended, ZG received a random 6% profit rate. So he was retained 6% of his USDT deposit, or about 62 USDT, and in return received 312 DOFT at a pre-sale price of 0.2 USDT per token. The rest of the USDT deposit was credited to his account. 

 After the 30-day lock-in period, ZG was able to sell  312 DOFT tokens, redeeming around 900 USDT. So in this way he changed about 1000 USDT to almost 2000 USDT. 
 ZG found this result very interesting and then decided to participate in almost all  other Koneoyp ICOs. 

 In one month, he collected more than 20,000 USDT from several friends and deposited them on the Koneoyp platform, which, however, has already started to increase the lock-in. In fact, Lisa wrote to ZG a few days before  the token sale that the sale dates  are being moved to increase the value of the tokens. 

 Real Crypto Scam 

 Koneoyp later announced that all sales and withdrawals are blocked until January 1st, as  they will be officially launched on Binance and 
6 other platforms from that date. This is an obvious lie, as Binance has never confirmed it. 
 Participants in these ICOs are also requested to deposit  1% of the capital already paid into the account in USDT by December 25 to cover the fees for transferring the tokens to Binance. It is probably also a lie and just trying to squeeze more money out of the lucky victims of this scam. 
 The website Koneoyp.com cannot be contacted until today. 
 It should be noted that  already  in September several articles were published warning about this fraud. 

 The problem is that fraudsters know and know how to exploit the greed of  victims  so well that in this case they even look for them by contacting them directly via WhatsApp. They also know how to get them to deposit large sums of money by enticing them with  easy and significant profits in a very short period of time. 

 But when they have made them throw down all they can, they run away with the spoil. Unfortunately, in such cases, it is often almost impossible  to recover lost money  in this way.

Source : cryptonomist

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