Nvidia Projects Automotive Industry to Include Metaverse Tech in Its Operations in 2023


Graphics processing unit and artificial intelligence (AI) creator Nvidia believes that 2023 could be the start of a metaverse-driven era in the automotive industry. As part of this new concept, automotive companies are beginning to adopt metaverse technology and implement it in industrial and retail applications. 

 Nvidia believes that Metaverse Tech will be part of the automotive industry in 2023. 
 Nvidia, one of the world's largest artificial intelligence and graphics companies, predicts that 2023 will be the year when many automotive companies will begin to integrate their operations into the metaverse . 

 The company believes that this integration will happen in two different ways. First, the adoption of metaversion tools allows companies to control the entire production process of their vehicles, allowing them to suggest improvements. This is possible because "digital twins" are included in the factories where these cars are built. 

 Design processes also benefit from such integration, allowing designers to collaborate in a virtual space through a realistic representation of parts for production. 
 Some companies have already adopted such technology. For example, Renault, which launched an industrial meta-network in November, the implementation of which aims to save 330 million dollars. 

 The Retail Approach 

 But industrial processes are not part of this development, it seems that retail will also benefit from this change. Nvidia believes that using metaverse technology will improve the relationship between customers and products. 

 The company said: 

 Customers will also benefit from better product experiences. Complete real-time car tuners, 3D vehicle simulations, augmented reality demonstrations and virtual test drives help bring the vehicle to the customer. 
 In this sense there are also car brands that work on meta-versioning their products to reach a wider audience with their products.

 Fiat, a car brand belonging to the Stellants group, opened its first Metaverse store in December. 3, which allows potential customers to take a virtual tour of one of their cars. In the Metaverse exhibition, users even have the opportunity to take a test on a virtual track. Another automaker, 
 Ford, has applied for 19 different brands in preparation for a possible push into the metaverse on September 2nd.

Source : https://news.bitcoin.com/nvidia-projects-automotive-industry-to-include-metaverse-tech-in-its-operations-in-2023/

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