Samsung is investing more than $35 million in Metaverse initiatives focused on Latam

Korean electronics giant Samsung revealed that it is currently investing more than $35 million  in metaverse initiatives for Latino audiences. The aim is to help the brand attract and reach a younger audience as part of its digital push and growth marketing strategy. 

 Samsung's metaverse pushes Latamo 
 Many companies have started to place their products and  brands in the metaverse, seeing it as an important part of their marketing strategy. Samsung, one of the largest electronics companies in the world,  recently announced that it will invest more than $35 million in metaverse initiatives aimed at customers in Latin America. 

 In an article published in December. 20, Anita Caerols, director of marketing and  citizenship at Samsung Electronics Chile, explains the motivation behind this virtual reality venture. He noted: At Samsung 
, we believe  the metaverse is a tangible commitment to connect with young consumers. That's why we're investing more than $35 million in initiatives that span all of Latham. 

 Furthermore, Caerols believes that fully immersive platforms are part of the future of marketing and that  the current metaverse for digital natives is a natural extension of social media platforms, making it a logical area for Samsung to enter. 

 Younger target groups 

 The focus of Samsung  on the metaverse and the volume of funds invested in this area is justified based on the presented marketing vision of the company.  Caerols explained it this way: 

 If a business needs to talk and engage with young people, find current and future potential consumers and connect with new influencers, it is imperative that it is situated in the emerging metaverse. 

 Samsung wants to attract Gen Z and Alpha audiences, who are more accustomed to these platforms,  to its offer and  products. According to  Linkedin research, there are currently 400 million monthly users  on metaverse platforms, and 51 percent of them are 13 years old or younger. 

 Samsung's interest in the virtual world is not new and the company has already made various moves  to be  part of  metaverse platforms. 

 In October, the company launched its "House of Sam" experience in Decentraland, allowing users to virtually interact  with  the company's products. 

 In July, Samsung also launched another metaversal experience on Roblox called "Space Tycoon", which allows users to be part of a space station where they can build Samsung products from raw materials.


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