The Sandbox collaborates with Wunderman Thompson

The Sandbox announced its partnership with Wunderman Thompson. This strategic partnership would provide Wunderman's clients with the necessary resources and absolute solutions to develop a unique brand interaction within The Sandbox metaverse. 

 The Sandbox collaboration would help Wunderman Thompson strengthen its ability to create Web3 culture for its fans and customers. This innovative change would usher in a new era in the virtual world of Wunderman. 

 Following the partnership, this would include a training program  to enhance the skills of Wunderman Thompson technologists and creatives in creating custom brand experiences on The Sandbox platform. They will also learn to use VoxEdit and GameMaker tools to create digital assets in the sandbox. 

 The program consists of three different stories for creative actors, managers and media strategists and experts. The connection would strengthen customers' brands and communities through an immersive interactive experience and further increase fan engagement by experiencing gameplay mechanics  not available on traditional social media. 

Commenting on the partnership, 
 Wunderman's Head of Transformation and Strategy, Justin Peyton, said  they are excited to add a new dimension to their Web3 offering, offering  users unlimited options as they take their first step into the metaverse. He also praised The Sandbox as a premier open meta that celebrates brands and IPs with its Web3 community. 

 The Sandbox fully embraces the idea of ​​the metaverse as a continuous, interactive digital space where heroes and worlds come together to create ecstasy. Gaming platform The Sandbox has a strong track record of attracting users worldwide, with more than 360,000  players spending an average of 80 minutes a day during the 10-week Alpha Season 3, which ended in November.


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