This Cardano-based platform creates a Web3 DEX to provide users with passive income

In a recent interview with U.Today, the founders of the Cardano-based Genius Yield Web3 platform talked about the creation of  DEX and how it helps regular users build  their passive income. 

 One of the founders of the platform, Dr. Lars Brünjes, PhD in mathematics, joined Input Output Global, which created the  Cardano chain, a few years ago. Before that, he coded for about 15 years, both practicing and teaching it and blockchain to thousands of students both live and online. 
 He said he was fascinated by IOG's potential to improve the lives of billions of people. 

 Another co-founder, Marvin Bertin, comes from an AI/Machine Learning background where he spent several years. Together, they decided to build their Genius Yield Web3 platform on the Cardano chain. They are now preparing to release the Genius Decentralized Exchange (DEX) based on their platform. 

 This DEX is the flagship of Genius Yield, which aims to democratize decentralized finance for everyone; this is the motto of the platform. 
 According to the founder, the main feature of this DEX is the "decentralization" of Web3.

 They  built it so that all Cardano wallet holders can use the decentralized exchange and exchange Cardano ADA and Cardano-based coins including  Genius Yield, GENS. 
 GENS is a tool and can be contributed to the Genius pool. In this way, the owners get income through crop.

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