This crypto network will launch the official Metaverse game of FIFA World Cup 2022

Football fever has grown with each impressive match and an officially licensed FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 metaverse game has just been released on the Ivy network, powered by its own hashgraph technology; is said to be blockchain 2.0. 

 FIFA Licensed Web3 Game 

 Reality has teamed up with OTZ Sports to launch the "Own The Zone" web game where fans have the chance to win limited edition digital collectibles (NFTs) as well as real prizes. 

 On the first game map, players get two free courts of eight zones for each match. 
 After the end of the original game, actual player actions in the playing zones result in points, all of which are tracked using official FIFA real-time match data. The chance to win tickets to The Best FIFA Football Awards and £5,000 per match day increases with the number of zones you own on the FIFA match day. 

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 In addition, Match Card results affect the rarity level of Own The Zone digital collectibles, which are awarded to all participants for participation and identified through various visual combinations to create a digital collectible that is completely unique in the football metaverse. .

Hedera Metaverse Push 
 Hedera, a carbon negative network and Hedera Token Service are the driving force behind the Web3 platform. Building wallets and coins happens naturally during gameplay and recording, allowing sports fans to transition seamlessly into the Web3 ecosystem. 

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Alex Russman, who serves as executive vice president of the HBAR Foundation, an organization created specifically to promote user adoption of the Hedera network, said: 

 Custom The Zone isn't just getting started. with the world's favorite global sporting event, FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, as well as best-in-class technology and gameplay for the world's largest fan communities.

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