Vitalik Buterin reveals three "huge" crypto opportunities in 2023


Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin  shared three "huge yet unrealized crypto opportunities, including mass adoption of cryptocurrency wallets, inflation-resistant stablecoins, and Ethereum web logins." 

 In an interview with Bankless co-owner David Hoffman, Buterin shared his vision for the crypto industry in 2023 and responded to concerns raised by Hoffman that the "deployment wave" of decentralized applications is now over and there are "fewer opportunities" for developers. to come in and create new decentralized applications. 

 Buterin, on the other hand, rejected the "limbo period" that Hoffman avoided, first pointing out that the infrastructure of the cryptocurrency wallet was more developed to facilitate it in everyday life and to  ensure that  billions of users can adopt it. . 

 "If you can make a wallet that is used by a billion people - that's a huge opportunity," said Eth, the founder of ethreum. 

 Second, Buterin said that creating a hyperinflation-proof, globally accessible stablecoin that can withstand all  conditions — both on-chain and in the broader macro economy — would be revolutionary for the industry:

Although Buterin did not offer technical proposals to achieve this. 

 Finally, Buterin said that any technical development that contributes to Ethereum taking away the power to log in from Facebook, Google, Twitter and other centralized monopolies will ultimately allow Ethereum to capture more of the market for online applications:

At the same time, Buterin noted that the opportunity to fill the gaps in the market became less and less visible due to the increase in competition and the maturation of the market. It seems that 

 Ethereum co-founders have shared their lessons and advice about the crypto space over the past few weeks, including optimism for the future years of the industry. 

 Buterin stated on December 5 that blockchain identity, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and hybrid applications also excite him about the future of Ethereum and decentralized technology. 

 A few days earlier in December 3, the Ethereum co-founder reiterated the importance of traders taking a long-term view, focusing more on technical development than on price. 

 after the FTX collapse. On November 21, Buterin advised traders and investors to consider the possibility of human influence on the protocol and trust a code that is more open and transparent than humans.

Source : cointelegraph

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