New Token Potential 2023

Before discussing new tokens, we always remind you to  do your own research to be sure about the tokens you are buying. All pros and cons of buying these tokens are at your own risk. Be smart when you shop!! 


 Most people involved in crypto are here to make money and get huge income. And that is completely understandable. However, there is one great point that is often overlooked - without strong project support, coins or tokens  are  unlikely to reach the moon.

 That's why we're here - to make it happen. We combined a major token-based and real project with use cases. Our road map is a unique invention - we do not define stages according to time limits, but according to a value management system! We offer zero for new projects, so  the more people exchange our token, the more projects will be launched. Investors' confidence in our token is based on the value of our project and tokenomics.

 We have a unique tokenomics that collects money into the treasury  to be used for marketing and construction projects. 5% of every buy-sell transaction is used to create projects reflected in our action plan. 

The most important benefit is the possibility of stable passive income growth, because 2% of every BNB buy-sell transaction goes to the wallet of the owners. We have every reason to believe that our brand can make any dream come true. If you missed Bitcoin in 2010 -  life gives you a new chance 

 So the potential of this sign is: 

 1. I haven't reached the big stock market yet 
 2. Low market cap 
 3. Total supply is 200 million. 
 4. the first cryptocurrency to use the Value Guidance System in the roadmap stage 
 5. potential price increase of 100x-1000x in the long term

 There are no offers to buy, please ask before buying 

 for more information and to join the community. You can check the link below 

Twiter : DollarMoon

 Disclaimer: Our articles are NOT financial advisors, we are not financial advisors. All investments are your own decisions. Do your own research and seek advice from a licensed financial advisor.

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