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Before discussing new tokens, we always remind you to  do your own research to be sure about the tokens you are buying. All pros and cons of buying these tokens are at your own risk. Be smart when you shop!! 

 Glass-Fi does not have Glass Finance 
 All-in-one ecosystem blockchain feature to be published on Binance Smart Chain. Our roadmap has a number of phases and each phase is estimated to be completed in less than a month. Our goal is to have an up and running  blockchain system by the first quarter of 2023. 

 Glass-Fi roadmaps/utilities 

 1. Glass surface 
 2. Glass exchange 
 3. Glass wallet 
 4. Glass Testnet 
 5. Glass Mainnet 
 6. Glass Launchpad 
 7. Glass Marketplace 
 8. Glass NFT 

 Glass-Fi tokenomic 
 Name : Glass Finance 
 Liquid Symbol : GLFI 
  Supply Marketing : 100Million
 Contributions and rewards: 7% Offer 
 To ensure our growth , we used 5% purchase and 15% sales tax, which are divided respectively 
 2% / 6�development and marketing 
 3% / . % Automatic Liquidity Pool 

 So the potential of this Token is: 
 1. No coinecko and coinmarketcap 
 2 have come yet. Low market cap 
 3. Offer only 100 million 
 4. platform has many features  
 5. possible price increase  100x-1000x  long term 

 Don't rush to buy, research before you buy 
. Join the community you can see in the link below. 

Web  : glass finance
Twitter : glass finance

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