Biggest Blockchain Trends in 2023 and Beyond

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2022 was a difficult year for blockchain and Web 3.0, plagued by black swans such as the collapse of Terra-LUNA, the collapse of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX, and the collapse of its founder Sam-Bankman Fried, who was one of the most important . . praised industry figures just a few months ago. 

 Forkast spoke with experts in the crypto industry  to consider the possibilities of blockchain technology and discuss blockchain trends for 2023. 

 Traditional companies adopting Web3 may end crypto winters

 (non-fungible tokens) for their services... This is a trend that continues grow as more people become aware of blockchain technology," said Alex Onufriychuk, head of growth at Corite, a blockchain-based music crowdfunding platform. 

 "The key to the coming crypto summer is the mass adoption of Web3 elements from traditional Web2- companies As this transition accelerates, more attention will be paid to designing more intuitive interfaces and experiences  for the average user," said Onufriychuk. 

 "Adoption starts with three key components: simplicity, security and applicability. We see a trend in this direction, as well as some legacy of 'best practices' for Web2 services. The ability to combine what people have done in the past with io. new  will define future blockchain trends," said founder manager and CEO of the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) xDAO multi-chain builder xDAO Vlad Shavlidze. 

 "[We expect] significant institutional adoption of decentralized finance (DeFi) thanks to permissioned pools and decentralized enforcement protocols like PureFi," said Slava Demchuk, CEO of AMLBot and the PureFi enforcement protocol. 

 "The integration of permitted DeFi protocols into the backend of traditional banking systems [is necessary] to offer our clients a more attractive and reliable alternative to current financial services," said Demchuk. 

 Gaming Drives Crypto Mass Adoption 

 "Gaming will become a major driver [of mass adoption] and  blockchain culture more generally as represented by  various NFTs." Yat Siu, founder and CEO of Animoca Brands said. 

 "We're going to see a big wave of high-quality games coming to the market that will basically bring  mass adoption. It's going to be in full force sometime in 2023, maybe after 2024 ,So we should expect a wave of maybe. hundreds of millions of users in the space because that," said  Sioux. 

 “Gaming [is growing], probably on Polygon, but it could be somewhere other than Ethereum. There has been so much investment in gaming companies over the past year or two. Players will come first  from Asia and then  from a more hesitant North American audience," said Randy Wasinger, founder and CEO of NFT data aggregator CryptoSlam. 

 "Players are already familiar with many online stores with digital currencies, which prepares them very well to participate in blockchain-based gaming, and because the market is already so large - with over 2.5 billion video game players - the growth potential of blockchain. gaming is very promising", Saro McKenna, co-founder and CEO of  Alien Worlds, a game-winning game. 

 "Both gaming and metaverse applications follow a rapid growth curve, and thus we expect the number of cryptocurrency users to continue to rise throughout 2023, despite the ongoing cryptocurrency boom," McKenna said. 

 "Gaming is likely to be one of the next industries where things continue to innovate," said Lex Sokolin, chief economist at ConsenSys, an Ethereum software company. 
 DAOs can reach their full potential

based on elections allow the  player to be elected to the board, a role in decision making and control over the use of fiscal funds.. . Such a new opportunity is already beginning to attract our global user base to increase activity," McKenna said. 

 "New governance models  and collective financial management will be in focus in 2023, as DAOs offer an opportunity to address the current issues of centralization and opacity in the crypto industry. Companies are attracted to DAOs because of their increased accountability and transparency," xDAO. Shavlidze said. 

 "In terms of applications, we will likely  see growth in tools that enable DAOs to produce useful financial goods. This includes payroll financial tools, management management platforms and more with online collaboration software,” said Sokolin. 

 NFTs are gaining more footholds in digital asset classes. , which are almost exclusively tokenized by NFTs: instead of being replaced, CryptoSlam's Wasinger said. 

 "We should expect several big names to join this movement in the next few years. For example, major social media  and AAA game studios are already experimenting with NFT," said Coriten Onufriychuk. 

 "Various applications are being invented for NFT. They are not just images that you put money into and hope that their value will increase over time. It is not  just a speculative asset, but rather the Lego bricks that will become the next version of the decentralized Internet," Gary Liu, for Historians Founder and CEO of Artifact Labs, a company focused on non-repairable tokens. 

 "Initially, the digital economy will emerge and digital products such as NFTs will continue to evolve. Just as the Internet evolved from flat websites to interactive cloud software, tokens are also evolving from  flat digital products to much more interactive, personalized and intelligent on-chain digital  agents. "We haven't seen generative AI fundamentally interact with Web3, but I suspect the technologies will find some promising overlaps," ConsenSys' Sokolin said.

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