El Salvador is teaching students about Bitcoin and paving the way for further adoption


El Salvador is taking further steps to promote the mass adoption of Bitcoin by educating students. But the country's portfolio fell by 60 percent. 

 Even in extreme  crypto winters, El Salvador is focused on  mass adoption of Bitcoin. The clip shows  students teaching Bitcoin in a classroom. 

 Teaching Bitcoin  at a young age can lead to mass adoption and use  of crypto as students become full-fledged citizens and contribute to the nation. 

 Reading, Writing, Bitcoin 

 A  clip circulating on Twitter shows how teachers in El Salvador teach their students about Bitcoin as  part of a ten-week curriculum. Teachers show students a hands-on demo of how to get Bitcoin through the Lightning Network. Students are also trained on various topics such as nodes, double spending and Bitcoin splitting. 

 "The idea is to reproduce this  in other schools around the world," says the teacher. 
 My First Bitcoin, a Bitcoin education project in El Salvador, claimed to have trained more than 10,000 students in 2022. It plans to increase its reach  25 times and teach 250,000 students in 2023. 

 El Salvador leads mass adoption of BTC 
 Since accepting Bitcoin as  legal tender last year, the country has been involved in promoting mass adoption in several ways. President Nayib Bukele announced that the country was working to create a Bitcoin city without revenue and real estate last November. 

 Last month, the president launched a special Bitcoin office to manage all projects related to the cryptocurrency. It  also serves as a bridge to arrange meetings between individuals and the President regarding the adoption of Bitcoin and Blockchain in the country. According to a website that tracks El Salvador's portfolio, the country has been buying one Bitcoin a day since November 18 and currently has more than 2,458 Bitcoins.

 The Central American country's Bitcoin holdings fell 61.82%, with an unrealized loss of more than $67 million.

Source : beincrypto

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