Mango's attacker was arrested and charged by US authorities


US authorities filed criminal charges against Avraham Eisenberg, who operated the DeFi platform Mango Markets, earlier this year. 
 Damian Williams, the US attorney for the Southern District of New York, said on December 27 in court that Eisenberg was arrested on Monday in Puerto Rico. 

 William's motion also ordered the earlier December 23 complaint sealed. FBI Agent Brandon Racz described in the complaint how Eisenberg participated in a scheme in which he intentionally and artificially manipulated Mango Markets' perpetual futures contracts to steal approximately $110 million on October 11. this increases the price of MNGO Perpetuals compared to the USDC stable coin. Eisenberg also borrowed, traded and cashed in various assets to benefit the scheme. 

 Eisenberg has been known as the author of the Mango attack since October. 15 when he publicly admitted that he carried out the attack as part of a group. Eisenberg argued at the time that his actions constituted a legitimate business strategy. 

 Around the time of its adoption, Eisenberg returned $67 million to Mango DAO after beginning negotiations with Mango Markets. The DeFi platform has said it won't launch a criminal investigation, though that promise apparently didn't stop US law enforcement from charging Eisenberg this week. 

 Today's file also states that Eisenberg traveled from the United States to Israel around October. 12. Racz suggests that Eisenberg's departure was an attempt to avoid arrest. 

 Eisenberg also pursued other questionable schemes, including the launch of his own honey coin and the failed attack on the Aave lending platform.

Source: cryptoslate

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