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Before we discuss new tokens, we always remind you to always do your own research so that you are more confident about the tokens you buy. All the advantages and disadvantages that result from buying these tokens are your responsibility. Be wise in buying !!

XPRO JECT is a 100% community token designed to fuel the growth of the #web3 ecosystem by providing Blockchain 
 software, bots, modules, plugins, APIs and digital services. XPRO is a community token  that aims to play an active role in the crypto ecosystem to make Web3  more widely available worldwide. It is a project dedicated to creating a decentralized Internet and its infrastructure financing model  in the Web3 ecosystem. 

 XPRO Token $XPRO was created by the developer community for BNB Chain, one of the world's largest blockchain-based management systems, on June 1, 2022. When XPRO was created, the first steps were taken to ensure, that contracts and  access to liquidity. were placed in dead wallets, being locked in LP  for 10 years and fully compliant with the Web3 vision. XPRO is a community project that aims to be one of the cornerstones of decentralized finance and aims to provide decentralized applications and solutions. 

The $XPRO scanner allows you to scan any character created on the BSC network. 
 With this scan, you can find out the token's liquidity, supply, circulation and burning status, price information, number of owners, ratio of owners. 

 Also about security: 
 You can check Honeypot  status, ownership, receipt, payment, black/whitelist status, rate change status, source code approval status.


So the potential of this Token is:

1. Haven't entered a major exchange yet

2. Low Marketcap

3. LP locked up to 10 years

4. there will be many features on the platform

5. potential price increase of 100x-1000x for the long term

Not a solicitation to buy do your research before buying

for more details and join the community you can check the link below

Web     : Xpro
Twitter : Xpro

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