Tron (TRX) approved the new proposal. Find out what's changing

Despite the decline of the cryptocurrency market, the development of this field is at full speed. Improvement changes are made every day and one of the cryptos that have changed is Tron (TRX). 

 The Tron DAO Twitter profile announced that the proposal of the altcoin network committee  #80 was approved. This offer was created to convert banknotes to 1 TRX. 

 Big problem 

 Before verification, TRX/TRC10 token transfer was free with daily bandwidth and free memory. 

 Although this is a good factor in everyday matters, the lack of payment has led to many transmissions made using notes to send fake news and fraudulent links.  According to the 
 Tron development team, 18,136,783 transactions were made with notes in the last three months. Of these, 7,725,151 transfers, 
2.59%, were via URLs. 

 Analysis showed that  almost all URL notes are misleading, therefore ordinary users  fall for scams related to the blockchain world. 
 Therefore the Tron community has found a balance so that these events are reduced, but honest users are not affected to the point of leaving the network. Therefore, since December. 16.2022, 1 TRX is required to collect notes. 

 Thus, even if the memory transaction costs are higher, the security and trust of the Tron network will improve after the new proposal is accepted. 

Development of  Tron in 2022 

 The launch of algorithmic stablecoin USDD was one of the hottest topics in the crypto market among  many events in the Tron ecosystem. This is because this blockchain asset has a similar model to  Terraform Labs' previous stablecoin. Even Tron creator Justin Sun admitted  he got the idea after seeing Terra's dramatic rise. 

 Algorithmic Stable Assets do not use banks or companies to maintain their 1:1 parity with the US dollar. 

 This category of stablecoins has on-chain algorithms that increase or decrease their supply or buy and sell tokens according to market conditions. Therefore, it issues more coins when the price rises and reduces the supply when the price falls. 

 This model did not work for USDD, which was also  one of the worst stable coins this year. For just a few days, the asset  managed to stay within $1, which should be the rule and not the exception for a stablecoin.


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