Ripple CTO explains why XRP price is so low

David Schwartz, the CTO of Ripple, believes that the slow performance of XRP and other major cryptocurrencies is due to uncertainty about whether or not crypto is really the next big thing. 

 Using the example of Google in 2000, Schwartz compares how people at the time may have been skeptical about how the search engine would deliver billions of dollars of new wealth, but some became true believers and made millions. He believes that crypto is in a similar situation as now. 

 As a result, prices often move with investor sentiment rising and falling depending on whether or not more are convinced of the crypto's future potential. Simply put, "the market is still trying to figure out if crypto is the next big thing." 

 Therefore, mass adoption of various crypto technologies can be successful if the industry can convince people of the potential of crypto by providing real usage. instances and sufficient scalability. 

 However, Schwartz emphasized that this is only his personal opinion, which is not supported by facts and data. That's why you have the right to disagree with him. 

 At press time, XRP is down more than 90% from its all-time high reached in early 2020. SEC v. Uncertainty surrounding the Ripple lawsuit remains a major headwind for the popular cryptocurrency.

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