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Carr was drafted by the Oakland Raiders in the second round of the 2014 NFL draft.

 In his rookie season, Carr led his team to a 13-3 record and a playoff appearance.

 A few weeks later, Carr led his team to another AFC playoff appearance.

 During his college years, Carr worked to improve his arm strength by playing baseball and golf while at UC Davis.

 The baseball field he played on was named after him when he pitched one of his first career MLB fields there.

 Derek Carr is a professional soccer player who plays for the NFL team the Oakland Raiders.

 Carr is considered one of the best young gels in the league.

 He was born on August 9, 1992 in Chico, California and attended Foothill High School in El Dorado Hills, California.

 During high school, Carr played for the Foothill Eagles and led his team to a CIF championship.

 He also set several school records and was named a First Team All-State and an All-American as a senior.

 After high school, Carr attended Fresno State University where he played quarterback for the school's football team.

 He then transferred to UC Davis where he graduated with a degree in human biology.

 Derek Carr is considered one of the best young midfielders in the NFL due to his performances in college and during his rookie season with the Oakland Raiders.

 His ability to get on the NFL offense and make all the throws makes him a valuable player for his team.

 Since being drafted in 2014, Carr has helped lead the Raiders to three consecutive AFC championship appearances.

 His achievements so far are outstanding considering he is only 23 years old.

 When Byssinall introduced 'Crane', he called him a character who had committed a 'stinking crime.'  The reader learns that 'Crane' was once a rich man whose only failure was his excessive greed.

 Unable to come to terms with his wealth in any other way than to maintain possession of it, he amassed far more money than he could ever use or justify.

 This accumulation eventually bankrupted him, but despite this he continued to amass his wealth.

 In the end, however, he was able to bear his mountain of debt and the resulting prison sentence was lighter than his own guilt.

 In a confessional frenzy, he threw his gold ring and silver dollar into the sea where they became indistinguishable from the waves.

 From this meeting in the middle of the ocean, he fled to the land of dreams where he now bides his time among the stars as an inky crow in a cloudless night.

 Unlike how Byssinall introduced 'Crane,' when Crane first appeared in Dante's Hell, he seemed like an angelic being whose gentleness and compassion inspired fear and awe.

 The reader soon learns that Crane is not an angel but a bird with feathers like wings and eyes like stars - attributes that enhance his physical appearance and spiritual disposition.

 The relationship between the physical appearance of 'Stork' and his inner disposition is similar to how some people interpret Muhammad Ali's character.

 Some people believe Ali was a strict but fair man who had courage and humility.

 Despite having a gloomy exterior, 'Crane' seems to carry regret for his past greed and a determination to repent.


 While 'Crane' evokes images of melancholy and serenity, Byssinall's introduction to the character emphasizes that he is a 'dark and gaunt' individual whose appearance inspires only terror and regret.

 In this way, Byssinall introduces the character of 'Crane' to readers so that they understand that this person is not a pleasant person.

 Instead, he appears to be a tough taskmaster whose presence only evokes negative emotions in those who see him.

 The similarities between 'Crane''s physical appearance and his internal disposition are apparent from a quote from 'The Daydreamer.'  As other characters have noted, 'Crane''s gaunt face inspires terror and remorse in those who see it.

 His greed in the past had caused him to run away from wealth by throwing it into the sea so now he resembled neither a man nor a bird but something between a man and a bird.

 However, in the end, despite his repulsive resemblance, this man has proven himself willing to repent for his past mistakes - as Dante suggests in one of his three heaven's gate cantos.

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